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This is a fun game - I just spent a few days playing it on and off. I had to use the cheat for infinite lives (F4, F8, F6, F7 on the title screen) and then it went from frustrating to a fun challenge, since some of the checkpoints still require a fair bit of skill or experimentation to get past. Great music and graphics, a real nostalgia trip. :-)

Awesome tribute game - noticed a problem with slowdown on my system - Any ideas?


Hi. Yes - this game was written in an old version of GameMaker and also a fairly long time ago now. I have since upgraded GameMaker and learned a few new tricks and am currently starting out on a new version, built from the ground up. It's only at the very beginning stage but hopefully I will see it through to completion and a much speedier, smoother game will result!

I am hoping to see that new version :) 


"Project ZX 1.5" is coming along nicely now. I've put a page up on this site for the game now and will be adding a few updates as the game progresses.  I would say it's about 60-70% finished now.

Nice one looking forward!